Monday, August 27, 2012

Chronicle 014: Star Wars


Finally! Fantasy Flight has announced that they are putting the license to use.

Take a look. I'm excited!

Not that I need another RPG system to learn, but this should be good. Although my guess is that FF will use their acclaimed system that's used in Rogur Trader, Deathwatch and Dark Hersey. Playing as a band of heroes during the Rise of the Rebellion will hopefully bring back the classic feel that we all experienced in the original films.

I did not see a reference to Jedi, which can be a good thing, as Wizards of the Coast made Jedi to be GODS in the Star Wars Universe. If you played any of the older versions of SW, if you didn't play a Jedi you were sort of lack luster during play. So perhaps by excluding them from game play, at least initially, then we'll see a more balanced party system. Not to say that the all powerful Force wont be in the game, probably a slow integration of it, but I can see it becoming something you develop into.

If you've played any of FFs previously mentioned games (I'll take what I know from Dark Hersey), level progression was a career path. You chose your character class and then as you gained experience you gained access to improved feats and skills. And instead of a numeric classification (1 thru 20) you gained a new title. So a Solider could become a Demolitionist, having access to skills and feats set towards that title. Meaning that your character becomes more specialized the further you develop your character. Not to say that you won't have access to other things, you just won't be as good in certain skills as someone who chose a different path. Compare it to prestige classing.

I'm really looking forward to this game. However, it's only in the Beta stages, leaving only a few the opportunity to play test this new game.

(Yes I know 14 comes after 13, but I've had writer's block)

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